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Voting Information

Tuesday, November 7th is Election Day!

Your polling location should be on your sample / absentee ballot. If you did not receive one, to confirm your polling location, please either:

1) Click here and enter the requested information;

2) Refer to the official San Mateo County Elections Office site here; or 

3) Call their office at 650-312-5222. 


Endorsements and Letters of Support Continue! 

I am honored to have received over 140 endorsements from educators, parents, community leaders and local organizations.


The Burlingame Education Association / California Teachers Association, which represents all of our Burlingame teachers and which has not expressed its voice in a School Board election in over a decade, recently endorsed me.


This endorsement from our teachers complements the growing list of former superintendentsprincipals, teachers and staff and executive board members of parents groups from every Burlingame public school (Washington, McKinley, Lincoln, Franklin, Hoover, Roosevelt, BIS and BHS), who also have endorsed my seeking to continue to serve on the Board for a new term

Click here for a complete endorsement list.

Lastly, multiple Open Letters to the Editor from Burlingame residents and community leaders were published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, a publication which also endorsed me:

"Luftman is the right choice", Michael Jarrett, Oct. 25, 2017

"Doug Luftman", Terry Nagel, Oct. 24, 2017

"Doug Luftman For Burlingame school board", John Kevranian, Oct. 22, 2017

"Burlingame needs Luftman", Chad Forrest, Oct. 16, 2017

I am honored to have received such wide-spread and continued support from our educators, parents, community leaders and local organizations.

District-Wide Perspective & Tradition of Public Education / Community Service

I have two children, who have attended 3 of the 7 Burlingame public schools. My daughter attended Washington and Franklin Elementary Schools and graduated from Burlingame Intermediate School (BIS) last year. My son attended Franklin Elementary School and currently is a sixth grader at BIS. I am the only Board member currently running in this election, who still has a child in the Burlingame School District and am proud that I have served as the Board liaison to Washington (early 2016) and Lincoln (2016-present) Elementary Schools. 

I come from a deep tradition of public educators, have an electrical engineering degree and a legal degree, am a Silicon Valley technology executive with over 20 years of experience and strongly believe in and pursue volunteerism and serving our community in a selfless manner.

For more information about me, please click here.

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Campaign Momentum Continues and Message Is Resonating

"It's All About the Kids!"

  • Discussing my vision for the district weekly with hundreds of passionate community members
  • Hundreds of supporters mobilized to get the word out
  • Thousands of visits weekly to www.luftman.com site & our facebook page

Thank you for everyone's help, support and insights!

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We Have Accomplished A Lot In Our District

Even though there are always additional things that we can do to continue to improve the quality of education for our Burlingame children, there is a lot we should already be proud of. For more information on some of those accomplishments, please click on here.

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Priorities - It's All About the Kids!

Building on the successes that we’ve already had in maintaining our world class schools, the following is my vision for the future:

  • Continue Focusing on 21st Century Learning including
    • Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts (including Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA)) and Mathematics (STEAM) / Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
    • Social Emotional Learning (SEL) 
  • Further Support for Our Educators 
  • Continue To Improve Our Facilities
  • Maintain A Holistic District View
  • Continue To Improve Special Education
  • Further Engage Community Shareholders

For more information on my vision for the District, please click here.

Focusing on these Priorities Help Ensure the Continued Quality and Value of our Burlingame Community.




If you have any questions for Doug or need to reach someone from the campaign, please email committee@luftman.com.  

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